Mile High Early Learning

Mile High Early Learning-Montessori Inspired is the largest and oldest provider of subsidized quality early care and education in Denver, Colorado. Mile High Early Learning’s mission is to ensure that Denver’s most vulnerable children have an opportunity to succeed in school and in life. Using a Montessori-inspired approach, Mile High Early Learning helps the children it serves by fostering in them social competency, a habit of concentration, initiative and persistence, pride in the physical environment and a life-long joy of learning—all qualities which engender school success and responsible and engaged citizens. Together, School Readiness Consulting and Mile High are working to create an innovative Professional Learning Center, that is currently serving to strengthen curriculum, instruction and assessment and driving quality improvement in all of Mile High Early Learning’s settings, and which will soon reach out to engage educators throughout the Denver metro community and beyond. SRC’s work with Mile High includes advising leadership around strategy, professional learning for instructional leadership and program directors, the customization of our coaching model, and the development of the Montessori-Inspired curricular approach, being used by all MHM programs and educators.

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