Presenting Side by Side: Centering and Promoting Equity in Early Education

September 28th, 2022 | by SRC

What does it mean to take meaningful action to advance equity in early education across the system?

In partnership with the communities who shared their experiences and perspectives with us, we present the interactive playbook Side by Side: Centering and Promoting Equity in Early Education. This resource offers concrete guidance to the field at the national, state, and local levels toward meaningful change within the current structures that govern and define the early childhood system.

Side by Side is an invitation to join the continual pursuit of equity, alongside leaders, stakeholders, and families representing early childhood communities across the nation. It extends an invitation to work together towards transformation—of ourselves, of the choices we make, and of the early childhood spaces we influence every day. This playbook not only elevates and centers family and community perspectives in systems-change, but also unapologetically issues a call to action for the change that needs to happen. Join us in the transformation at


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