Mimi Howard

January 26th, 2018 | by admin

“Early in my career I had a mentor who had been in the ECE field for many years and often told the ‘Circle Story’: over the years she had seen the field repeat the same cycles—always with some improvement, but still only going in circles. I joined SRC because in the work we do everyday and in the work of our partners I see a steadfast and unwavering commitment to real change and a vision for what life could be like for all families and children.”

Mimi is a clever problem-solver and master connector of people and ideas.

Mimi supports and advises the SRC team on project-specific tasks and deliverables. In this capacity, she conducts research, engages with stakeholders, and develops tools and resources.

Mimi began her career as a preschool teacher before moving into the ECE policy arena. She has worked on ECE projects both nationally and internationally. Prior to joining SRC, she left a position with the Education Commission of the States to serve two years as a National Head Start Fellow. Mimi holds an M.A. in Early Childhood Development and a B.A. in French and Psychology.