The Long Road to Equity: Why the American Families Plan is the Support We Need

April 28th, 2021 | by SRC

A Statement from Our CEO

Today marks a historic day for early childhood. President Biden and Vice President Harris have taken bold steps to usher in sweeping support for families and young children that could drastically change the landscape for our communities. The American Families Plan recognizes that, “unlike in past decades,  policies to make life easier for American families must focus on bringing everyone along: inclusive of gender, race, or place of residence…” This package of proposals represents a strong beginning in prioritizing the needs of families with young children, particularly the communities whose needs have most often been denied through racist structures, policies and practices.


These proposals invest over 450 billion into support for families with young children, and include:

School Readiness Consulting’s mission is to integrate strategic thinking, best practice, and evaluation to transform learning and affirm the right of all children to thrive. It is because of our mission that we celebrate and stand in full support of these proposals, and urge policymakers to pass President Biden and Vice President Harris’ plan for our nation’s progress, which is so clearly tied to the health, wellness and thriving of our nation’s children and families. We urge policymakers to keep equity front and center and to address the needs of Black, Indigenous and people of color as an urgent and salient priority in all negotiations and legislation to come.


As a consulting firm focused on equity in early learning, SRC supports comprehensive early childhood systems by advising and communicating on behalf of system-level efforts, supporting best practice in early learning, and executing rigorous evaluation of early learning initiatives. Our team looks forward to supporting the field, and our broader society, in building systems that truly support our children, families and communities, and move us toward the realization of a just and equitable society.

-Lindsey Allard Agnamba, CEO

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