Top 3 Reasons You Should Visit Early Educator Central

October 25th, 2015 | by SRC

The first three years are a time of rapid brain growth. A child’s brain develops 700 neural connections per second – more than any other period in life. During this stage, caring relationships between young children and their caregivers help to foster healthy development and can lay the foundation needed for future success. Responsive early childhood professionals, in partnership with families, play a wide variety of roles in supporting infants and toddlers. To do this work well, it requires a level of specialized knowledge and skills that are responsive to children’s needs during these early foundational years. Yet, professional development systems historically have not been built to adequately support the early childhood workforce, particularly those working with infants and toddlers. Early Educator Central was designed in response as an online catalogue of resources for the entire infant-toddler workforce, including educators, administrators, trainers, coaches, and professional development system leaders.

Here are the top 3 reasons you should visit today!

1. You can find many ONLINE RESOURCES organized by your career path

No matter what your infant-toddler career pathway is, there are resources available – organized by role – to build competency and boost impact. On track for a Child Development Associate (CDA™) for yourself? Go to Teachers. Looking to strengthen your skills as an administrator, coach, trainer or consultant? Go to Administrators or Trainer/Coaches. Designing curriculum? Go to Professional Development (PD) System Leaders.


2. You can explore TEACHING SUPPORTS (like a new digital observation tool!)

As a part of the Know! See! Do! Improve! approach, Early Educator Central provides a variety of teaching supports for those who are working to improve the competencies of infant-toddler educators. Check out some of the available resources:

Digital Observation Tool: “Coaching Companion”: Early Educator Central provides an online digital observation tool, the Coaching Companion. As part of professional development, educators can digitally record their teaching practices. Educators can then share the videos with their administrators, coaches, and trainers. The observation tool can be a helpful addition to training, coursework, communities of practice, or one-on-one reflective supervision.


3. You can use essential SYSTEM TOOLS for leaders

Early Educator Central additionally offers system-level tools for leaders to help in building all aspects of the infant-toddler career pathway, including a Professional Development (PD) System Cost Analysis Tool and resources related to articulation for use in higher education.


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