Buffett Early Childhood Institute

The Buffett Early Childhood Institute at the University of Nebraska is working to transform early childhood development – especially for children at risk – through applied research, practice, policy, and outreach. As part of one of its signature programs, the Early Childhood Achievement Gap Challenge, the Institute is working with 11 Metro Omaha school districts to implement the Superintendents’ Early Childhood Plan.  In conjunction with district leadership, the goal is to create comprehensive birth to age eight programs within the 11 district area that will effectively eliminate or reduce income-based social, cognitive, and achievement gaps among young children at risk. School Readiness Consulting is working with the Buffett Institute to support systems building efforts in two districts. To that end, SRC is conducting an in-depth audit of demographics and existing early learning services in each district, analysis of available early learning data, review of evidence-based best practices to inform decision-making, and a national search and profiles of similar efforts underway in comparable districts.  This process culminates in a customized strategic plan for each district that will provide the information and guidance needed to leverage resources and coordinate programs to create a unified system of supports and services to address the needs of their most at-risk young children and families.

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