Leading for Equity in Early Learning: Regional Symposium

October 29th, 2018 | by SRC

In the spring of 2016, School Readiness Consulting launched the Equity in Early Learning Initiative (EELI) as a critical step towards ensuring that all children regardless of their many identities have access to the high-quality early education they deserve. We created EELI with the expressed intention of developing an ecosystem of leadership for educational equity in the DC Metro area building on SRC’s history in early childhood equity and social justice work, as well as the significant early learning achievements in the District, Maryland and Virginia. In doing so, we wanted assurance that children are given tools for school readiness during their development and are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in later learning and in life.

Since 2016, we’ve worked alongside local, state and national early learning leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to EELI’s goals.  Since 2016, our nation’s political landscape has also demonstrated with increased intensity why we need equity in early childhood education now. Our children simply cannot wait.

Two years have passed since EELI’s creation and, in those two years, SRC and the children and families we serve continue to grapple with the heightened realities of inequitable practices and policies like family separations  and challenges to groups of peoples’ existence. Because of this, we continue to build our base to tackle the urgency of this work. 

November 7th from 4-7pm EELI will come together with our partners from New America, Wonders Early Learning, and The Campagna Center to host Leading for Equity in Early Learning: Regional Symposium. Sponsored by The Washington Area Women’s Foundation Early Childhood Funder’s Collaborative, the symposium will allow us to look collectively at our work to realize equitable outcomes for all children and push one another to expand and deepen practices, policies, and systems that focus on equity in early learning.

It takes a community to lead these efforts and we are grateful to work alongside leaders who act with urgency to undo historical inequities at all levels to create the conditions for every child to experience an early childhood education that leads to success in school and life. Will you join us?


Written by Darya Nicol, School Readiness Consulting


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