Erin Bogan

May 3rd, 2019 | by SRC

Erin is a principal associate at School Readiness Consulting. At SRC Erin designs and manages impact, implementation and outcome evaluation projects for school districts and states. She also provides expertise on data analysis and data management, and leads the creation of final program and system reports. She currently supports the impact evaluation of training in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for reading in early elementary school which includes survey design, administration and analysis in multiple districts throughout the country. On an implementation evaluation for the Illinois Board of Education, Erin is assessing the overall effectiveness and scalability of equitable practices at a program level. This work includes survey methodology and design, and data analysis to present findings. Prior to joining SRC, Erin conducted research on early academic achievement in UC Berkeley’s Clinical Psychology lab and worked with numerous afterschool programs, non-profit organizations, and schools serving low-income children and their families. As a member of the Penn Child Research Center (PCRC), Erin has been involved in research projects aimed at understanding the needs, vulnerabilities, and strengths of low-income children and families to better support their health, educational, and wellbeing outcomes. Her most recent work involves collaborations with the School District of Philadelphia to provide teachers with support in using a validated measure of Kindergartener’s social and academic classroom engagement. In collaboration with PCRC and the National Center on Fathers and Families, Erin is conducting a research study exploring some of the unique challenges, as well as strengths, of African American girls from preschool through third grade. Erin earned her B.A. in English and Social Welfare from the University of California, Berkeley. She attended the University of Pennsylvania where she received her M.A. in education from the Applied Psychology and Human Development Program in the Graduate School of Education. Erin earned her Ph.D. in education and in psychology from the University of Michigan.