Gabrielle Montgomery

December 6th, 2020 | by SRC

“I believe in quality early childhood education for all. Everyone deserves the best start in their life’s journey. Here at SRC we can impact local and statewide programs and policies that advocate for equity and social justice for our youngest members of society.”

Gabby is a recalibrator who is focused and dedicated to fostering healthy conflict in order to promote growth and forward movement and achieve goals and desired outcomes.

Gabby has experience in a variety of areas including the classroom, school leadership, coaching, professional learning, assessment administration, and the use of data to drive instruction. She has expertise in Data Team Coordination and is a certified CLASS and ITERS-R anchor.

Gabby has 15 years of experience in early childhood education. Her career began as an early childhood educator in Washington DC. Later in her career, as an early childhood director and regional academic coach in Washington DC, she became interested in broadening her impact through SRC’s mission. Gabby holds a Master in School Administration from Trinity University and a B.S in Education from the University of Oregon.