Mariam Dahbi

July 5th, 2022 | by SRC

“I am committed to using rigorous research methods, solid knowledge of early childhood development and instruction, and a passion for languages and the arts, to help improve young children’s experiences in early childhood education settings. I am drawn to opportunities to create research-based, practice-oriented knowledge that supports equitable access to quality early childhood education for learners of diverse language backgrounds.”

Mariam combines ingenuity and empathy to create tailored, comprehensive, and impactful solutions. She mixes resources on hand with a helping of imagination and a dose of can-do optimism.

Mariam has expertise in language and literacy development and  teacher-child interactions in linguistically diverse preschool classrooms. As a multilingual songwriter, she also explores the affordances of music integration for equity-committed education. Mariam began her career as a Pre-K teacher in Rabat, Morocco, and worked as a Policy Advisor to two Ministers of Education in Morocco. She has since collaborated with her Harvard University professors in multiple research projects as part of her doctoral journey.

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